International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy (ISIPT)

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Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) was developed and initially tested in the 1970’s by Myrna Weissman, Ph.D. and Gerald Klerman, Ph.D. As scientific evidence accumulated showing that IPT is a treatment that works for several disorders, investigators became interested in coming together to share their ideas about IPT research and training. Therapists also sought the company of colleagues to better understand IPT, improve their therapy technique, and learn about the newest developments in IPT.

IPT professionals began gathering informally to further the study and practice of IPT. The earliest gatherings of IPT professionals were held in conjunction with meetings of the American Psychiatric Association in the late 1990’s, organized by John Markowitz, M.D. In 2002, the International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy (ISIPT) was formally incorporated in Australia under the leadership of Rebecca Reay, R.N. and Michael Robertson, M.D. The organization was moved to the United States in 2010 under the leadership of Scott Stuart, M.D. and incorporated in Iowa City, Iowa. ISIPT’s first formal elections were held in 2015. Holly Swartz, M.D. is ISIPT’s first elected President, serving for a two-year term, in accordance with newly ratified bylaws. In 2015, ISIPT was reincorporated in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Since 2002, the activities of ISIPT have been directed toward furthering IPT research and training, and supporting the professional development of IPT professionals. ISIPT activities are primarily educational, as exemplified by our bi-annual conference. The first scientific meeting was held in Pittsburgh in 2004 with the goal of enabling professionals to learn more about IPT. Prior ISIPT conferences are listed below.

Year Conference Organizers
2004 1st IsIPT Conference in Pittsburgh Ellen Frank, Holly Swartz
2006 2nd IsIPT Conference in Toronto Paula Ravitz
2009 3rd IsIPT Conference in New York City Lena Verdeli, Laura Mufson
2011 4th IsIPT Conference in Amsterdam Mark Blom
2013 5th IsIPT Conference in Iowa City Scott Stuart
2015 6th IsIPT Conference in London Roslyn Law
2017 7th IsIPT Conference in Toronto Paula Ravitz, Marta Novak
2019 8th IsIPT Conference in Budapest Adrienne Stauder

Since 2013, ISIPT has hosted a listserv to facilitate communication amongst its members and encourage open dialogue on topics related to IPT. In 2015, there are over 200 members from 25 countries represented on the listserv. Membership in the listserv is open to ISIPT members.

To join, visit the listserv webpage and request permission to join. Potential listserv members will be asked to provide 2-3 sentences describing prior IPT training/experience to justify inclusion in ISIPT.



PresidentJohn C. Markowitz, M.D. Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, USA

Vice President/President ElectHeather Flynn, Ph.D. Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Florida State University, USA

SecretaryShannon Lenze, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

TreasurerDanielle Novick Clinical trainer and supervisor, Veterans Administration Hospital, Pittsburgh, USA

Immediate Past PresidentOguz Omay, M.D. Perinatal Psychiatrist, Les Toises Center of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Lausanne, Switzerland, Üsküdar University, Istanbul, Turkey



Nuno Carrilho, M.D. Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Department of University Hospital of Aalborg, Denmark

Ellen Frank, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Roslyn Law, Ph.D. Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Chair IPTUK, London, UK

Elizabeth Robinson, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, IPT IAPT Trainer/Supervisor, Durham, UK

Elisabeth Schramm, Ph.D. Professor and Department Head, Freiburg University Medical Center, Germany

Adrienne Stauder, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Semmelweis University, Hungary



Holly A. Swartz, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Myrna Weissman, Ph.D. Diane Goldman Kemper Family Professor of Epidemiology and Psychiatry,  Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA